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Back on the road

This morning I was back on the road running 4 miles. This was my second run since the race. On Tuesday I ran…. well hobbled 2 miles on the treadmill. Every step hurt. I was still really sore so it was painful but I felt much better after running. I am no longer sore and thought 4 or 5 miles this morning would be fine. Well my legs felt very heavy and it was tough. I really wanted to stop at 2 but I am glad I pushed through and finished the 4 miles.


Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

This past weekend Stuart and I traveled to Oklahoma City for the 9th Annual Oklahoma city memorial marathon. My parents and sister also headed that way. My dad ran the full marathon and I ran the half marathon on Sunday morning.

After a restless night on Saturday night I got out of bed at 4:15am to get ready to run. By 5:15 Stuart was dropping me off close to the starting line for the prayer service at the memorial. It was a neat time of prayer and praise and worship before the race. I found my dad and we stretched together and headed to the starting line. People were everywhere! Over 6000 people ran the half, 3000 ran the full plus a couple more thousand people running the 5K. As I am stretching and warming up my garmin, which I ALWAYS wear when I run breaks off of the wrist band. I freak out for a moment and then realize I can put it in my pocket and it will still keep my pace, distance and time for me.
By 6:30am I am ready to run! The gun goes off and it takes me 3 minutes to get across the starting line. When I did cross the line I started my garmin and it started keeping time but no pace or distance, so I just put it in my pocket and went on running. My Mom and sisters were at the half mile mark and it was so great to see them right at the beginning. At the 1 mile marker my garmin completely quit working, and I realize I am really on my own now! I will have to listen to my body to pace myself instead of relying on the garmin. I see Stuart for the first time at mile 2, the adrenalin is still pumping and I am enjoying every moment!
It was a warm and humid day so that was an adjustment. I stopped at every water stop to stay hydrated. It was also very windy! I trained in the wind so I felt prepared for that but I knew it would be in my face from mile 9-11. I saw Stuart, my mom and sisters again at mile 7 and gave Stuart my garmin. It was just in my way at this point. I was feeling strong though and knew I was half way finished! There were some challenging hills but I got over them and continued strong. I thought my pace was really good and continued to push hard. I hit mile 9 with the wind in my face and started to struggle some. Mile 9 and 10 are always a tough point for me. I knew my Stuart and my family would be at mile 10 somewhere, so I pushed on looking forward to seeing them! After mile 11, I knew I could make it, just 2.1 miles.

I really wanted to beat my personal record of 2 hours and 14 minutes. I saw a sign that a spectator had and it said “Pain is temporary but a PR (personal record) last forever!” I needed to see that. I was feeling pain in my legs and feet at this point but wanted that PR! I could hear the roar of the finish line at mile 12. I was so excited! The adrenalin starts pumping again. The sight of the finish line was beautiful! People lining the street yelling and cheering. I was Stuart and my family and started sprinting to the finish line! The clock said 2 hours and 15 minutes when I crossed the finish line, but I knew I was a few minutes behind that because it took me so long to cross the starting line. (I had a magnetic chip tied to my shoe and when you cross the starting line that is when your time starts)  When I found Stuart he said to me “2:11!” I could not believe it! 2 hours and 11 minutes! That is a new personal record!! I did it!

Thank you for all of your support! I am resting this week but will pick up training again next week! 🙂



I decided today that I would start a blog for all of my running and training. I will post later with a detailed report of the race! Thanks for visiting! Seya Soon!