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Goodbye August

I can not believe that August is over!! This year is flying by and before I know it January will be here and it will be race time!!
The past 2 weeks have been kinda crazy at work for both Stuart and myself and that is why I have not posted. With all the craziness, last week I was able to get in 20 miles and this week I ran 28.5!
I have started running with a new friend almost every morning. I get up at 5:15am and we hit the road running at 6am. I have loved it!! It is so nice in the mornings. I have also enjoyed running in the dark… only because I am not by myself. On Saturday we ran 10 miles. It was a great run. A little tough but felt great once I finished.

I keep track of my runs on a log at It is really neat because it keeps running totals for you. Here are some totals for August!
81 Miles in 14 hrs and 10 minutes

In 2009 I have run 328 miles and a total of 51 hrs 4 min and 12 seconds (2 days and 3 hrs!)
That is crazy!! Next month I will easily run over 100 miles and will officially start training for Houston!! I am so excited and ready!

See you on the road!


Why Train? Why Race?

This week I read an article online at I love Runners World! If you run, you will enjoy this website and you should check it out. They have everything from training plans personalized for you to articles on fitness, workouts, nutrition and races. So here is the article I read. It talks about training for destination races and why people do it.
Train for a Destination Race at Runner’s World

When I am training, I am thinking about running a specific race at a goal time. In my mind, all the training is for that one morning. I get so nervous hoping and praying nothing goes wrong so that I can acheive my goal time and finish feeling great. Well this article made me think about training and racing in a different light. The author said this, “I realized that running the race was more about celebrating what I had already accomplished, not what I was going to accomplish that day.”
As I ran my long run this morning I thought about that and realized how true that is and how nice it is to think about races as a way to celebrate all the hard work I have and am putting into training. So I hope that for those of you who are running and maybe training for a race, destination or not, would be encouraged by that. It was encouraging to me!

This week I ran 21.5 miles! 2 easy runs, 1 day of speed work and 1 long run of 9 miles this morning. Felt great while running. When I finished I got a huge runners high but then I went to work and started to feel how tired my body was! I might run a short easy run tomorrow. We will see how I feel.

When will your next celebration be?
Mine will be on September 12, Shallowater Stampede 10K and 2 mile race with the West Texas Running Club. Check out the website for monthly races! Hope to see you there!

I’m Back

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. We got back from vacation on Monday and it has been crazy since then. We spent 6 days in Ponce Inlet, Florida with my family and then headed to Cancun, Mexico to attend/shoot a friends wedding. We had a blast but we were glad to be home.

In Florida I went on some amazing runs. One morning Dad and I went on a 6 mile run down the beach together. It was so nice, beautiful and cool. It is tough running on the beach. We also did a lot of playing in the water and fighting the current and between those 2 things my calfs were so sore the first few days. Throughout the week I really went into vacation mode and got lazy and did not run much.
When we got home, I was still in vacation mode and did not run much.

Thursday, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill… which was not enjoyable 1) because I had not run in a week and 2) because I hate the treadmill.

Saturday, I ran a 5 mile race at the Canyon Lakes on MLK with the West Texas Running Club. If you know that area, there is a good hill at the dam and quite a few rolling hills. We also had some good wind Saturday morning which made for a tough race. I love doing training runs out there and was excited about the race. It was a challenge but it was good for me mentally and physically to push through. I finished 2nd in my age group and in 47:16 which is a 9:28 pace and my goal was a 9:30. I was pleased especially for not running much in the last few weeks!

Now for some pictures from the trip!

Stuart and I on the beach!
Stuart and I on the beach in Florida!

In Florida going to dinner
In Florida, going to dinner

Universal studios
At Universal studios

My amazing Husband!
My Amazing Husband!!

My Beautiful Sisters!!
My Beautiful Sisters!

At the Wedding in Mexico!
At the Wedding in Mexico


At the wedding

That is all for now! See you on the road!