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Red Raider Road Race

On Saturday, October 10th I ran the Red Raider Road Race 10K on the Texas Tech Campus. It was a cold morning but I was so ready. I have been training hard and was hoping to PR and beat 56 min flat, which was my time a month earlier at the Shallowater Stampede 10K. Took off feeling strong and found my groove. My mile splits were surprising me, the first 2 miles were both well under 9 min pace! Around mile 3 I saw this girl in front of me who looked like she might be in my age group. I decided I was going to pass her. I did and she never caught up to me. I finished in 54:13 and 4th in my age group!! It was a great race.

My next race is not until Thanksgiving day, the Turkey Trot. That is a quick 2 mile race. I have never done very good at the Turkey Trot but this year I am determined do better.

Training has been going really well. Last Friday I ran 12 and yesterday I ran 10 with my dad. I am a little sore today and my legs are tired but it is a good feeling.

Until next time, See you on the road!


September Totals

September has come and gone! Now we are into fall and the weather is getting cooler. It is harder to get up in the mornings when it is cold and get bundled up to go run. I am starting to figure out when I need to wear pants and when I can wear short, when to wear a jackey or gloves and when I will be ok without.
During September I was trying to keep my mileage up as I prepaired to start officially training for Houston. The week before I started the training program I only ran 7 miles, so that hurt my numbers for the month. I enjoyed running for fun and not worrying about missing a run… or 3 that week. Then I hit the ground running getting ready for Houston. So in September I ran 92.2 mile in 15 hours, 14 min and 40 seconds. I was hoping to hit 100 miles but I will this month! For the year I have run 448.5 miles and a total of 71 hours and 15 min!!

Saturday is the Red Raider Road Race 5K and 10K. I am running the 10K!
Legs are tired after 14 miles over the last few days. Taking tomorrow off and then an easy run on friday, Race on Saturday!! Ill let you know how it goes.