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Let the Tapering Begin

It has been way to long since I posted and I apologize! So here goes

First of all… Merry Christmas!! It was a white Christmas here in Lubbock! I was so excited about the snow… till I realize I would be running on the treadmill instead of outside. I am not a fan of the treadmill and was very fortunate to make it so far into my winter training without having to hop on one! I did an easy 5 miles on the treadmill Christmas Eve and it actually wasn’t that bad. I took Christmas day off to spend with Stuart and our families. We had a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday was my longest run… 22 miles! I was mentally and physically prepared for it! I felt great! On Saturday we decided we should probably think about running inside because of all the ice, so we headed to a local gym here in town. This gym had a bunch of treadmills and each treadmill has its own tv. Dad, Ledah and myself hopped on our treadmills about 1:30pm and spent the rest of the afternoon running along side each other. Ledah finished her 18 mile long run and Dad and I made it 22 long miles on the treadmills!! During the almost 4 hrs spent on the treadmill Ledah and I talked, I watched a little tv, listened to a very motivating playlist Stuart made me and then watched the a movie that was playing on tv. That had to be the most challenging thing mentally and physically I have done! I have to say that after I finished I was hurting so bad and could not even imagine running 4.2 more miles but after the soreness has worn off I feel great! I know that I am ready and these next 3 weeks will be spent mentally preparing, eating well, resting, stretching and getting excited!

Let the tapering begin!

Happy New Year!! I am excited about 2010!


Bad runs make you respect the good ones!

Wow December is flying by. Christmas is next week and I can not believe it. This month has been crazy! I knew I was taking on a challenge when I wanted to train for a marathon during the busiest retail season of the year… Christmas. I had no idea it was going to be this crazy though. I did not actually think through how much time I would be spending on the road during these 40-45 mile weeks. Well last week I realized how much everything was wearing me out. I could not catch up on sleep! I kept thinking about that 20 mile run I had planned for Saturday morning with my dad. I tried to rest up and eat really well on Friday but didn’t do such a good job. Saturday morning I woke up and was dreading running. I was so tired and felt weighed down. Dad and I headed out. Running into the wind at the beginning so we would have the wind behind us coming home. I felt decent for the first couples miles. We were out on 1585 running directly into the wind when I started to really feel drained. I tried to stay positive but I became very discouraged and frustrated. I could not keep up with my dad even at a slow pace. He was so great to stick with me and keep me going. We decided to head home about mile 12 and it was a little over 3 miles home. I had to focus on just getting home. We made it 15 miserable miles. I was so glad that run was over with but I was very discouraged. I wondered if the rest of December was going to be this tough. What had I gotten myself into? Would I be able to finish a marathon in just over a month?

I had to remind myself that bad runs make you respect the good ones! I learned a lot through that bad run. This weekend I have a 15 mile long run and then next week is my last long run… 22 miles. January 17th will be here before I know it!


Yesterday morning at 5:15am I headed out to run 20 miles! I will admit I was really nervous about this run. The last few long runs have been tough and I really wanted to have a good run. I was careful to eat right on Friday and drank lots of water to stay well hydrated. I hit the road to run 4 miles by myself and then met up with Ledah to finish 16 together. It was a chilly morning but I rethought my wardrobe for the run and tried something different. Actually fewer layers, nothing tight on the top so that when they did get wet the cold clothing was not right against my skin. It was a success! I also decided to take hand warmers with me. My hands get so cold even with gloves and I have to say hand warmers are my new best friend!! Instead of focussing on how cold I was or my hands were, I was able to focus on the warmth of the hand warmers. Ledah was so great to put out water, gatorade, Tylenol, Kleenexes and gels for us at 2 different places (one we stopped at twice). One of the stops was out near Slide and 1585. We got there, opened the water and realized the water had started to freeze!!

I do want to say to all the businesses who have not turned off their sprinklers and the water runs all over the sidewalk and then freezes… PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR SPRINKLERS!! It is not cool for runners! We had to dodge so much ice and when you are at mile 18 and your legs feel like jello, dodging and jumping over ice is not fun!

After 3 hours and 29 minutes I finished 20 miles!!! Ledah helped me through 16!! I could not have done it by myself. though there were some tough times and our legs hurt, overall it was a good run! I felt really good at the end and was very encouraged! That is what I needed.

I only have 3 more long run before I start to taper for the race! I am getting so excited!!
Hope all is well and you are staying warm! See you on the road!