Last weekend Stuart and I headed to the metroplex with my parents and one of my sisters for 2 races!

On Saturday morning my dad and I raced in the Dadfest 5K. We raced as a team against other father daughter teams. 3 years ago we ran this race together and it was such a neat race that we put it on the calendar early this year! We placed 3rd in our age group 3 years ago and we excited about improving and placing again. It was a hot, humid and windy Saturday morning but we were ready. It was a nice course and we headed out strong. Dad and I knew we had some good competition and were ready for the challenge. Dad finished in 21:33 and I finished in 26:28. Getting us 2nd place in our age group! We were very pleased and excited about the finish!

Dad turning the corner to the finish line!

Me turning the corner to the finish line.

2nd place!!

Sunday was the Wounded warrior half marathon. Neither of us had ever raced back to back before and i knew it would be a different experience. Nothing like a little speed work 24 hours before a half marathon where I wanted to PR and break 2 hours. Waking up with light legs on sunday morning and realizing that it was already 80 degrees outside at 7 am, I realized that this would probably not be a PR morning and definitely not a morning to break 2 hours.

The first 2 miles I felt great! I was flying by people and finding my pace and groove. I was already quite warm and knew that I would not be able to keep up that pace but I tried. My legs really felt good most of the race. I looked forward to the water stations as I would grab one cup of water to drink and one to pour on myself. They also handed out paper towels dipped in ice water… they were Awesome! At the water station around mile 5 or 6 there was a guy with a water hose creating a nice shower! I ran right through it and it was so refreshing. This was an out and back course on a trail through Las Colinas, so i knew that I would be running by this water station again on my way back. It was something to look forward to. Once we got to the turn around point, I realized that now I was running into the wind. I was much cooler from the breeze but it slowed down my pace quite a bit. I became very discouraged because I felt so sluggish and tired. It was so hot and I just wanted to be finished. About this time I realized this was not going to be close to a PR and I just wanted to finish! Finally coming down the final stretch I was able to push my pace and finish strong but this was definitely the most miserable and frustrating race I have run. When I crossed the finish like I just wanted to cry, but didn’t because I could barely breathe.  I was so glad to be finished and sitting in the shade with a cold bottle of water! My dad finished the half in about 1 hr 50 minutes and I finished in 2 hours 9 minutes. My dad placed 2nd in his age group and I actually got 4th in my age group!

Dad finishing!

Me finishing!

Recovering and hydrating.
Stuart was there supporting me and encouraging me all weekend!
He was also our personal race photographer!

It was a fun weekend!