First of all I want to apologize for not blogging for so long! Training for the Tyler Marathon has been a little different. I am training alone which took some getting used to. I no longer have someone right there pushing me, I am having to push myself. I was very unmotivated for a while and was struggling through 10-12 mile runs! I got so discouraged! I thought if I cant make it 1o miles… there is no way I am going to be able to complete a full marathon by myself!

Last weekend I was able to run 16 with my dad. It was nice to have someone right there who would not let me stop and rest. I realized that I could push through tired, heavy feeling legs and finish strong. We had a great run together!! It was exactly what I needed to kick my rear back into training mode!

As I prepared for my 10 mile run this morning with 8 miles at marathon goal pace, I read an article on Runners world called The Monster Month. They call the month of training before you start tapering the monster month. That is when you begin pushing your body farther and harder than you have before to get ready for your race. It got me excited about my monster month!

I am not going to lie though, I am scared to death about running a full marathon on my own. I can’t help but think about how hard it was even with my dad there and how much my body hurt. I know my body can do it but I am struggling training my mind. I have to convince my mind that I really can do this. That is what the “monster month” is for. I am looking forward to pushing my body as well as my mind. It will be interesting.

I will head out for my first 20 miler on  Sunday morning! I’ll let you know how it goes!