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Taper Time

Soooo I thought I already posted this…. but I had not so here is it a little late 🙂

Written on September 23rd.

This past weekend was so full but so good. Beth Moore Simulcast on Saturday, Tech vs Texas game (which was not quite as enjoy able as I would have liked since they lost), and then Sunday was Ledah’s baby shower. It was so much fun! So I decided to run long on Friday morning. This way I could mentally prepare on Thursday and then have the rest of the day Friday to rest and relax.

I got up early and started on the treadmill. After 6 miles inside I headed out. It was a beautiful morning. I wanted to stay between a 10:15 and 10:30 pace and then speed it up a little at the end. I legs started to feel tight and tired around 18 miles. Then at 20 my knees felt really stiff. I still had a good mile plus to go so I pushed my pace. I finished 21.25 miles in 3 hrs 37 minutes. After I finished I felt really good. I iced my knees throughout the day and started to see some signs of tendentious in my left knee (which I first had issues with after my longest run for my first marathon). I got really nervous about it but after taking a few days off, I felt no more pain.

This past week I have felt really tired and tight so I have taken extra rest time so that I don’t hurt myself my pushing too far or too much. I am excited about tapering and getting ready for the race. Less than 3 weeks!!!


20 Miles

First 20 mile run, 8.29

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early to get ready to head out for 20 miles. The longest I have ever gone by myself. A little nervous but mostly excited. I decided to do 5 miles on the treadmill while it was still dark outside, before hitting the road. The weather was beautiful. There was a slight breeze which I ran into the first 5 miles on the road but it made it nice to look forward to turning around and having the wind at my back.

I planned to run out 7.5 miles so that I would not be tempted to cut my run short. When you run out 7.5 miles, you have to run home. I was surprised that I really didn’t get bored. Pandora was playing great music and that definitely helped!

I have been really working on my pace especially on my long runs. Starting off slow and slowly speeding up. This way I train myself not to take off to fast and to save energy for the end. This also helps keep me from getting board. I think about the run in sections of 4-6 miles. It felt great to finish the last 2 miles at a 9:15!

I was so excited after I finished! I felt like I can and will be ready for the full in 6 weeks! I needed that run so badly! I was ready for the next week of pushing my body farther than I had the week before!

My legs were pretty tired for most of this past week. I did a good 6 mile run in Ransom to train on the hills and then a 10 mile tempo run. I was not quite as excited about the second 20 miler because I could tell my legs were not as fresh as I would have liked. I knew it would be good for me though.

Second 20 mile run, 9.5

I ran the exact same route that I did last week, started with 5 miles on the treadmill and then 15 on the road. It worked well last week so I might as well stick to it. I was honestly ready to be done with the run when I started. I just was not really feeling it that morning. It was a cool morning which was very nice, but windy. I could tell after 7 miles on the road (12 total), it was going to be a challenging run home. My legs were quite tired and my left quad was really bothering me with every step. I have a hard time knowing if the pain is just tired, sore muscles or a muscle strain or something like that. I decided to take it a mile at a time. As long as I kept going I was fine, but when I had to stop at intersections it was tough getting going again. I was able to maintain a slow steady pace but I made it. I did not finish at my marathon goal pace but I was happy that I pushed through the pain finished strong.

I know there will be pain during the race and I will have to be mentally tough to push through and not get discouraged. The hardest part of training for me is the mental part! I have good days, where I feel very strong mentally and other days where I get so discouraged.

Getting stronger every day though! 🙂
See you on the road!