Soooo I thought I already posted this…. but I had not so here is it a little late 🙂

Written on September 23rd.

This past weekend was so full but so good. Beth Moore Simulcast on Saturday, Tech vs Texas game (which was not quite as enjoy able as I would have liked since they lost), and then Sunday was Ledah’s baby shower. It was so much fun! So I decided to run long on Friday morning. This way I could mentally prepare on Thursday and then have the rest of the day Friday to rest and relax.

I got up early and started on the treadmill. After 6 miles inside I headed out. It was a beautiful morning. I wanted to stay between a 10:15 and 10:30 pace and then speed it up a little at the end. I legs started to feel tight and tired around 18 miles. Then at 20 my knees felt really stiff. I still had a good mile plus to go so I pushed my pace. I finished 21.25 miles in 3 hrs 37 minutes. After I finished I felt really good. I iced my knees throughout the day and started to see some signs of tendentious in my left knee (which I first had issues with after my longest run for my first marathon). I got really nervous about it but after taking a few days off, I felt no more pain.

This past week I have felt really tired and tight so I have taken extra rest time so that I don’t hurt myself my pushing too far or too much. I am excited about tapering and getting ready for the race. Less than 3 weeks!!!