After almost 6 months of training, the race is almost here! I can not believe it. The past few weeks of tapering have been great! I could tell my body really needed rest and my muscles needed some healing. Last friday I ran 12 miles under a 10 min pace. It felt great. This week I have only run about 5 miles but I feel good. I started to get nervous about my knee on the 5 mile run so I decided to call it my last run and just rest this week. I have not been sleeping well since I am not running and I admit I have been a little irritable. On weeks like this one 1 realize that I am indeed addicted to endorphins! All I have been thinking about is my next run, which is the race. I have been studying the map and the hills and hydrating like crazy! I feel so ready! I can’t wait to bring you a detailed race report with tons of pictures!!!

Sunday morning between 7:30am and noon, if you think about me say a little prayer that all is going well. 🙂

Thanks friends!