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It’s been a while

It has been too long and I appoligize! It has been a crazy year so far and I can’t believe it is almost May!

So here is an update on what has been going!

– We spent new years in Fowler, Colorado with our awesome friends Ledah and Wes Welch. It was a very different experience for us city folk. We stayed on the Welch’s Ranch and did ranch like things, like spending all day feeding cows. Which I thought was quite fun despite the 17degree temperatures! It was a perfect get-a-way and awesome way to bring in the new year!
– Early January I started planning the Trooper McDonald Memorial Race – 5K and 1 Mile walk in Post in honor and memory of our dear friend Jon McDonald who passed away in November while responding to a wreck in Post. The race was scheduled for March 5th! (This will be a post in itself coming soon!)
– The end of  January I had an amazing opportunity to start working for my mom in commercial real estate full time and began studying for my licensing exam.
– February was crazy as I was jugling planning a race, starting a new job and career and taking 3 courses to get my real estate license. All to say I learned a lot about time management! I could not have made it through February with out the love and support of Stuart and my old and new friends! I was blessed to have wonderful volunteers help tremendously with the race and I could not have done it without them!!!
– I took my licensing exam on March 16th and Passed both tests!!! I am not good at taking tests but I knew I had studied and prepared as much as I could. God gave me an incredible peace that morning and I was so excited to not have to retake it!
– Running wise, until a few weeks ago I was not motivated and was so busy that I was not making time for running.
– My running motivation….. the NEW YORK CITY MARATHON!!!! I received my acceptance into the New york city marathon a few weeks ago and that definately got me motivated to hit the streets again. My parents and sisters will be going to New York with Stuart and myself the begining of November for the marathon. Dad will also be running the Marathon and it will be quite an experience!

Their is a brief update on what has been going on in 2011!



I apologize for the absence. It has been a little crazy around here lately.

We had a good trip in India. I was quite the experience. We knew from the beginning it was going to be a fast and furious trip with a lot of traveling seeing as much of India as we possible could. We had travel delays getting out of Lubbock which ended up delaying us 2 days getting to India. Once we made it to India we hit the ground running. Indian culture is so different from what we know. There are people everywhere in India and there is no personal space. The gospel is spreading so quickly in India because Indians live with their whole family and are so close to the people who live around them. They are so excited about the gospel and share it openly! We went to a house church at 4pm on a Tuesday! They meet every day to worship and learn together. India is so poverty stricken. The people there do not have much but they are so happy and cheerful. It was a humbling experience. They are also very hospitable. Everywhere we went the people greeted us with flowers and lays. India was a challenging experience but a good one. Here are some pictures from our journey!

Thank you to all of you who supported us financially and through your prayers!


Stuart and I have an amazing opportunity to go to India over spring break. We were invited to go on this mission trip to shoot video and take pictures to document the trip. We are going through an organization called Asian Partners International. We will be going to minister to those working in India starting home churches and minister to the railway kids. These are kids who have been abandoned or run away from their family for one reason or another.

We have been preparing physically, mentally and most important spiritually. It is going to be so neat and challenging at the same time. First of all the flight from the US to India is 14 hours! I can’t imagine what that is going to be like. We will be taking some meds so that we will be able to sleep most of the plane ride. We are trying to prepare ourselves for culture shock. It is not going to be anything like we have ever seen. It should be very interesting. I am so excited to get to experience the Indian culture and learn so much about them while we are there. I have to say that I am a little nervous about the food that we will be experiencing. They use a lot of curry and I am not a real fan of curry but I am going to keep an open mind and try whatever I can. I will be taking peanut butter crackers though!

God is doing amazing things in India right now and we are so excited to see that first hand and meet the Indians who are on mission every single day in a place where Christianity is not always accepted.

Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to go and head to India. We know that we are not going along and our prayer partners are so important to us. If you would like to commit to pray for us while we are gone and receive email updates with prayer request you can leave a comment or  email me at


Since the last post a lot of mile have been run and a lot has gone on. 2 weeks ago I ran 16 miles! I took off early Sunday morning with my dad. Felt great in the beginning. I have really enjoyed running in the dark because you can’t see how far you still have to go. We carried water with us but about mile 12 we decided to stop to go to the bathroom at a convenience store and decided to pick up a gatorade. It hit the spot. I told myself that every half mile I could take a drink and it got me to mile 16. When we hit mile 16, we still had a little more than half a mile back to the house. We slowed down the pace and jogged. That last half mile was the worst part of the whole run! I was hurting so bad and very glad my dad was there to keep me going! It felt so good to finish 16!!!

Then next week was a crazy week and I did not hit my miles for the week. I was supposed to run high miles during the week but that did not happen. I just decided to refocus this week and get back in a routine. That is what I did with Ledahs help. We got up even earlier than usual on Friday and ran 10 together and then I finished 4 more miles to get my 14. It was good. I have had trouble on log runs getting cold. I am warm at first but them wearing wet clothes for so long really bothers me. I am going to have to find some new gloves. My hands get so cold and my gloves get wet on the inside once I start warming up and them don’t dry, which then keeps my hands cold and wet which is miserable. This is why you train though! You train your body but also figure out what works and what doesn’t. So now I continue to try new things till I find what works! Ill keep you posted!

This week is the Turkey Trot on Thursday which will be a quick 2 mile race and I am hoping to PR and truly see what kind of shape I am in. I will run 18 miles this weekend and am nervous but also looking forward to it! I am also trying to plan ahead and be prepared for all the yummy food that will be in front of me on Thursday!

I can’t finish this post without reflecting on a few things that I am thankful for. First of all I am thankful for all the ways that God has blessed me and my family this year! He has truly shown that he is in control in every situation and all things will work out for His glory! I am so very thankful for my amazing husband who supports me and loves me unconditionally. He is my biggest fan and I could not train for a full marathon without him! I am thankful for my family, my wonderful parents and sisters! I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to run a marathon with my dad! He inspired me to start running and this will be an amazing experience! I am so thankful for new and old friends! I won’t list all of you but want to thank each one of you for your love and friendship!

Hope each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I’m Back

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. We got back from vacation on Monday and it has been crazy since then. We spent 6 days in Ponce Inlet, Florida with my family and then headed to Cancun, Mexico to attend/shoot a friends wedding. We had a blast but we were glad to be home.

In Florida I went on some amazing runs. One morning Dad and I went on a 6 mile run down the beach together. It was so nice, beautiful and cool. It is tough running on the beach. We also did a lot of playing in the water and fighting the current and between those 2 things my calfs were so sore the first few days. Throughout the week I really went into vacation mode and got lazy and did not run much.
When we got home, I was still in vacation mode and did not run much.

Thursday, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill… which was not enjoyable 1) because I had not run in a week and 2) because I hate the treadmill.

Saturday, I ran a 5 mile race at the Canyon Lakes on MLK with the West Texas Running Club. If you know that area, there is a good hill at the dam and quite a few rolling hills. We also had some good wind Saturday morning which made for a tough race. I love doing training runs out there and was excited about the race. It was a challenge but it was good for me mentally and physically to push through. I finished 2nd in my age group and in 47:16 which is a 9:28 pace and my goal was a 9:30. I was pleased especially for not running much in the last few weeks!

Now for some pictures from the trip!

Stuart and I on the beach!
Stuart and I on the beach in Florida!

In Florida going to dinner
In Florida, going to dinner

Universal studios
At Universal studios

My amazing Husband!
My Amazing Husband!!

My Beautiful Sisters!!
My Beautiful Sisters!

At the Wedding in Mexico!
At the Wedding in Mexico


At the wedding

That is all for now! See you on the road!

Biggest in Texas

I know I have not posted in a while. I have been running a few times a week but nothing serious. Sunday was my 23rd birthday. It was a wonderful day! I got to spend the whole day with Stuart! That morning my dad and youngest sister completed a sprint triathlon! I am so proud of them! It was a huge accomplishment! It got me thinking about my next race.

Stuart and I had lunch with my family and my dad handed me a card. I opened it to find 3 coupons. They read “One full entrance fee to the Houston Marathon, January 17, 2010.” “Two nights stay for two at the ‘In at the Ballpark’ in downtown Houston… just steps from the starting line.” “Personal pacer to guarantee your goal finish time (with a picture of my dad).”
Houston here I come!

Looks like we will be heading to the biggest city in Texas in January for the Chevron Houston Marathon. Dad is going to train me and be my pacer. I am so excited. Now I am really motivated to build my mileage and be ready to officially start training in September or October.

I have done well so far by running every day for the past few days. I do so much better running when I have a goal. My goal…. January 17, my first full marathon!!



I decided today that I would start a blog for all of my running and training. I will post later with a detailed report of the race! Thanks for visiting! Seya Soon!