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20 Miles

First 20 mile run, 8.29

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early to get ready to head out for 20 miles. The longest I have ever gone by myself. A little nervous but mostly excited. I decided to do 5 miles on the treadmill while it was still dark outside, before hitting the road. The weather was beautiful. There was a slight breeze which I ran into the first 5 miles on the road but it made it nice to look forward to turning around and having the wind at my back.

I planned to run out 7.5 miles so that I would not be tempted to cut my run short. When you run out 7.5 miles, you have to run home. I was surprised that I really didn’t get bored. Pandora was playing great music and that definitely helped!

I have been really working on my pace especially on my long runs. Starting off slow and slowly speeding up. This way I train myself not to take off to fast and to save energy for the end. This also helps keep me from getting board. I think about the run in sections of 4-6 miles. It felt great to finish the last 2 miles at a 9:15!

I was so excited after I finished! I felt like I can and will be ready for the full in 6 weeks! I needed that run so badly! I was ready for the next week of pushing my body farther than I had the week before!

My legs were pretty tired for most of this past week. I did a good 6 mile run in Ransom to train on the hills and then a 10 mile tempo run. I was not quite as excited about the second 20 miler because I could tell my legs were not as fresh as I would have liked. I knew it would be good for me though.

Second 20 mile run, 9.5

I ran the exact same route that I did last week, started with 5 miles on the treadmill and then 15 on the road. It worked well last week so I might as well stick to it. I was honestly ready to be done with the run when I started. I just was not really feeling it that morning. It was a cool morning which was very nice, but windy. I could tell after 7 miles on the road (12 total), it was going to be a challenging run home. My legs were quite tired and my left quad was really bothering me with every step. I have a hard time knowing if the pain is just tired, sore muscles or a muscle strain or something like that. I decided to take it a mile at a time. As long as I kept going I was fine, but when I had to stop at intersections it was tough getting going again. I was able to maintain a slow steady pace but I made it. I did not finish at my marathon goal pace but I was happy that I pushed through the pain finished strong.

I know there will be pain during the race and I will have to be mentally tough to push through and not get discouraged. The hardest part of training for me is the mental part! I have good days, where I feel very strong mentally and other days where I get so discouraged.

Getting stronger every day though! đŸ™‚
See you on the road!


Monster Month

First of all I want to apologize for not blogging for so long! Training for the Tyler Marathon has been a little different. I am training alone which took some getting used to. I no longer have someone right there pushing me, I am having to push myself. I was very unmotivated for a while and was struggling through 10-12 mile runs! I got so discouraged! I thought if I cant make it 1o miles… there is no way I am going to be able to complete a full marathon by myself!

Last weekend I was able to run 16 with my dad. It was nice to have someone right there who would not let me stop and rest. I realized that I could push through tired, heavy feeling legs and finish strong. We had a great run together!! It was exactly what I needed to kick my rear back into training mode!

As I prepared for my 10 mile run this morning with 8 miles at marathon goal pace, I read an article on Runners world called The Monster Month. They call the month of training before you start tapering the monster month. That is when you begin pushing your body farther and harder than you have before to get ready for your race. It got me excited about my monster month!

I am not going to lie though, I am scared to death about running a full marathon on my own. I can’t help but think about how hard it was even with my dad there and how much my body hurt. I know my body can do it but I am struggling training my mind. I have to convince my mind that I really can do this. That is what the “monster month” is for. I am looking forward to pushing my body as well as my mind. It will be interesting.

I will head out for my first 20 miler on  Sunday morning! I’ll let you know how it goes!

4 Days till Houston!!!

I am pleased to report that I was able to run 3 and a half miles this morning with very little pain in my knee!! I went to see an Orthopedic doctor yesterday. He was able to locate where the pain was coming from and it is at the top of my petellar tendon at the bottom of my knee cap. He said it is tendonitis but I could also have some cartilage damage as well but we would not know for sure without an MRI. We decided to wait till after the race to get an MRI and talk more long term because the doctor reassured us that if I run on Sunday I will not further damage my knee.  He gave me a strap to wear right under my knee cap which helps take some of the pressure off the tendon and a pain relief cream to rub on my knee. So this morning I headed out with Ledah for an easy run to see how everything felt. It took me a little bit to get the tightness of the strap right but once I did there was very little pain! After a mile I stopped to stretch and readjust and after that… NO Pain!!!! Praise God!! It felt so good to be out on the road again and it really boosted my confidence! I really feel ready now!!

You can track me through email or text message allerts that can be set up here. It will ask you for my bib number and it is 7086. My dad’s bib number is 6550. He will be running with me and pacing me! So we should be together the whole time.

You can go to the Houston Marathon home page and get all kinds of information.

My goals for this race have changed a little since my knee started bothering me but here are my 2 goals for my first full marathon!
1. To Finish! I originally wanted to get between 4 hrs and 4 hrs 15 minutes but now I would be happy with 4 and a half hours to 5. Really… I just want to finish! I am not going to put the pressure of time on myself!
2. I want to run the whole time.  I have pushed through all my long runs without walking and the only reason I would have to walk is because of my knee, but I do not to walk unless I absolutely have to.

I am ready to go and so excited I can hardly stand it!! Thanks for your prayers and support!!

Off the Road

Happy New Year!!

My new year did not start as I had planned. On Thursday, I closed the store early, came home and got ready for an easy run. I started on the treadmill to break in my new shoes. After 2 miles, I was feeling great and decided to head outside for a few miles. I hit the road and felt great for the first mile. The second mile was a different story. I started to feel a sharp pain in my left knee. I stopped, stretched and then started again at a slower pace. Every time I took a step there was a horrible pain in my knee. I always carry my phone when I run but have never had to use it to call Stuart to come get me… but I did today. I was so upset and frustrated! I came home and started icing my knee and taking ibuprofen hopping it was nothing and I would feel better in the morning. I didn’t. I started to notice some swelling and continued to ice and take ibuprofen. Yesterday, I got on an elliptical for an hour to get some cardio in and used a compression brace on my knee and it felt really good. Today it has been feeling pretty good, but after talking to my dad quite a bit he told me to stay off the road and not to do anything but walk on it for at least 3 days! We think it is “Runners Knee” or Tendonitis from over use. I am hoping to get to a sports clinic tomorrow or tuesday to have it checked out just to make sure it is not something more serious. Just to easy my mind.

Houston is in 2 weeks!! I know I have trained hard but I don’t feel like I am finished. The thought of have so few miles scares me even though I am supposed to be decreasing my miles anyway. Going from almost 50 miles last week to only 10 this week is kinda scary! Plus not getting the endorphins doesn’t help! Those things are addicting đŸ™‚

I have to really focus on eating right and resting. AHHHHHHH I may go crazy during these next 2 weeks but I want to be able to finish the marathon. I would rather have a fully healed knee with very few miles than more miles and only a semi healed knee and not be able to run my best or have to drop out. I am trying to stay positive and stay mentally strong while resting.

Hope you all had a Happy New Year and Welcome 2010!

Bad runs make you respect the good ones!

Wow December is flying by. Christmas is next week and I can not believe it. This month has been crazy! I knew I was taking on a challenge when I wanted to train for a marathon during the busiest retail season of the year… Christmas. I had no idea it was going to be this crazy though. I did not actually think through how much time I would be spending on the road during these 40-45 mile weeks. Well last week I realized how much everything was wearing me out. I could not catch up on sleep! I kept thinking about that 20 mile run I had planned for Saturday morning with my dad. I tried to rest up and eat really well on Friday but didn’t do such a good job. Saturday morning I woke up and was dreading running. I was so tired and felt weighed down. Dad and I headed out. Running into the wind at the beginning so we would have the wind behind us coming home. I felt decent for the first couples miles. We were out on 1585 running directly into the wind when I started to really feel drained. I tried to stay positive but I became very discouraged and frustrated. I could not keep up with my dad even at a slow pace. He was so great to stick with me and keep me going. We decided to head home about mile 12 and it was a little over 3 miles home. I had to focus on just getting home. We made it 15 miserable miles. I was so glad that run was over with but I was very discouraged. I wondered if the rest of December was going to be this tough. What had I gotten myself into? Would I be able to finish a marathon in just over a month?

I had to remind myself that bad runs make you respect the good ones! I learned a lot through that bad run. This weekend I have a 15 mile long run and then next week is my last long run… 22 miles. January 17th will be here before I know it!


Yesterday morning at 5:15am I headed out to run 20 miles! I will admit I was really nervous about this run. The last few long runs have been tough and I really wanted to have a good run. I was careful to eat right on Friday and drank lots of water to stay well hydrated. I hit the road to run 4 miles by myself and then met up with Ledah to finish 16 together. It was a chilly morning but I rethought my wardrobe for the run and tried something different. Actually fewer layers, nothing tight on the top so that when they did get wet the cold clothing was not right against my skin. It was a success! I also decided to take hand warmers with me. My hands get so cold even with gloves and I have to say hand warmers are my new best friend!! Instead of focussing on how cold I was or my hands were, I was able to focus on the warmth of the hand warmers. Ledah was so great to put out water, gatorade, Tylenol, Kleenexes and gels for us at 2 different places (one we stopped at twice). One of the stops was out near Slide and 1585. We got there, opened the water and realized the water had started to freeze!!

I do want to say to all the businesses who have not turned off their sprinklers and the water runs all over the sidewalk and then freezes… PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR SPRINKLERS!! It is not cool for runners! We had to dodge so much ice and when you are at mile 18 and your legs feel like jello, dodging and jumping over ice is not fun!

After 3 hours and 29 minutes I finished 20 miles!!! Ledah helped me through 16!! I could not have done it by myself. though there were some tough times and our legs hurt, overall it was a good run! I felt really good at the end and was very encouraged! That is what I needed.

I only have 3 more long run before I start to taper for the race! I am getting so excited!!
Hope all is well and you are staying warm! See you on the road!

Turkey Trot

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We sure did! Thursday morning was the yearly Turkey Trot. It was a cool morning but definitely not as cold as it has been in the past. It was a great race! My time was 16:10, that is an 8:05 pace! My goal was an 8 min/mile pace and 16 min total, I did not hit that goal but I was very pleased. This was a personal record and I got 1st place in my age group out of 12 girls! I have never won 1st placed with real competition so I was SO excited!! My dad and both sisters ran as well! They all did so good and I am so proud of them!

This week I started speed work. I ran mile repeats (1 mile at a fast pace, jog for 400 meters then do it again) on Tuesday. Then on Friday I ran a tempo run (1 mile warm up, 7 miles at my goal Marathon pace and 1 mile cool down) and the Sunday, Ledah, Dad and I headed out for a long run. It was cold, wet and windy! I am not going to lie, it was a tough run! My knees and hips continue to bother me during the cold weather and I realized I really need to strengthen my legs. I will be doing lots of lunges and squats over the next month! Ledah ran 14 with us and then we dropped her off  and we headed out for 4 more! Let’s just say I was glad to be finished with that run!

I headed home and my wonderful husband had an ice bath waiting for me. It was tough because I was so cold, but I knew my legs would thank me later. I can only imagine how sore I would have been without it because my legs were very sore and achy all day sunday. I did a lot of laying around. I slept great last night and feel great today! I am ready for a good week of training and a 20 mile on saturday!

Don’t let the cold keep you in! Bundle up and see you on the road!